COVID-19 Reporting

In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, regulators and supervisory authorities have the responsibility to ensure that information is available to monitor and assess the risks associated with banks’ activities. COVID-19 reporting requirements cover data that are crucial for understanding the soundness of all credit institutions. The MFSA is hereby providing detailed information on such reporting requirements.

1) Banking Rule 23 – Reporting and Disclosure of Exposures subject to Measures applied in response to the COVID-19 Crisis, setting out reporting requirements emanating from EBA Guidelines on COVID-19 measures reporting and disclosure

Required to be submitted by all credit institutions on an individual, sub-consolidated and consolidated basis, as applicable.

  • Frequency of reporting: Monthly reporting, unless otherwise informed by MFSA and/or ECB.
  • Format of submission: Excel (.xlsx) for reference dates until August 2020; both Excel (.xlsx) and XBRL format as from September 2020 reference date.

i) Significant Institutions

First reference and remittance dates: as per JST communication.

ii) Less Significant Institutions and Significant Subsidiaries

First reference date: 30 June 2020.

First remittance date: 11 August 2020.


All credit institutions:

  • Download Reporting Templates applicable till August 2020 reference date hereUpdated 15/07/2020.
  • Download Reporting Templates applicable from September 2020 reference date hereUpdated 30/09/2020.
  • Download Instructions to Reporting Templates here (Annex 2 of BR/23).
  • Download MFSA Submission Guidelines hereUpdated 23/10/2020.

Significant Institutions: Download ECB COVID-19 reporting instructions here (as per JST communication) – Updated 25/02/2021.