Join the MFSA

and achieve a new level of excellence.

The MFSA can help you build your career. If you are working in key financial services regulatory roles, or in areas supporting the business’ growth we are interested in hearing more from you.

Careers that matter

The MFSA aims at establishing itself as a leading regulator in the European and worldwide jurisdictions and we are always on the lookout for taking on board talent that can help us achieve this ambitious objective.

The benefits

of working with us

Equal Opportunities

The MFSA is an Equal Opportunities employer as certified by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE). We have good gender representation at Board and Senior Management levels, and have the policies and procedures in place to ensure that all decisions (be they in recruitment, performance management or others) are taken in a fair and transparent manner.

International Exposure

The MFSA works jointly with the leading European Supervisory Authorities including the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Banking Authority (EBA), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) amongst others. We are not just recipients of European decision-making but actively contribute towards its development.

Learning Experience

Learning is an integral part of our experience at the MFSA. Through funding in studies, web-based learning platforms, participation in high quality training (local as well as top international training), all employees have the opportunity to maintain up-to-date knowledge in their respective professional areas.

Cutting Edge Financial Services Regulation

Our work is currently pivotal in establishing Malta as a leading regulator in fintech and blockchain, not only within Europe but also worldwide. We look at embracing change and progress while retaining regulatory soundness and reputation as priority areas.

Work-Life Balance

MFSA employees benefit from policies and procedures which support work-life balance and we are receptive to employees’ life circumstances.

Want to know more?

Our hiring process


Send your application and a covering letter to [email protected]. We will then screen your application against the criteria listed in the call for applications. If shortlisted, we will then get in touch to guide you through the next stage of the process.

First interview

During your first interview you will have the opportunity to meet with team members from HR and from the team you would be joining if selected. Take this as an opportunity to communicate information about yourself, and your achievements, but also to learn more about the opportunity and the persons you would be working with.

Second interview

After the first interview, we will evaluate which candidates can best contribute towards achieving the objectives linked with the role. At this stage we will be looking at going into greater depth in our understanding of your background and potential fit with the team.

Some tips from us

to get you ready for your interview

Tip 1

Customise your covering letter. We appreciate when a prospective employee shows the effort and commitment to present themselves well in the application process.

Tip 2

Do prepare yourself for the interview. Go through the website for information on the MFSA and the section that you are applying for.

Tip 3

Ask questions and look into learning more about us and what we do. We are willing to share information on what we do and are happy to provide any information you may require.

Working at MFSA

In their words…

“From the outset of my appointment within MFSA, I have benefited from a significant level of exposure to the legislative and regulatory processes as well as the informational synergies. Being at the forefront of developments within the financial services sector and partaking in the development of the Fintech regulatory framework has granted me with a sense of empowerment and fulfilment. My role within the Authority has also provided me with ample growth, learning and skill development opportunities.’” 

Amer Zahber, Analyst – Securities & Markets Supervision

During my years at the MFSA I have had the opportunity to grow professionally– I initially joined in a Clerical role, but looked into furthering my studies and obtained a qualification in Accounting. Subsequently, I had opportunity to work in Finance and now hold a position within our Internal Audit function. My colleagues at MFSA have become  my second family, and I’ve come to embrace the same values the Authority upholds.”

Sera Farrugia, Internal Auditor – Internal Audit


I wish to further my studies - can the MFSA help me with this?

The MFSA invests significantly in the development of employees; through our self-development scheme employees may obtain funding for their studies, and we also offer study leave to allow for the preparation for exams.

Are there opportunities for advancement at the MFSA?

The MFSA is currently growing and we are looking at developing our teams to adequately size the operations. This means that we are currently offering good opportunities to our employees for advancement. All vacancies, from C-level to Clerk are advertised internally and employees are free to apply for preferred positions.

Who can I contact for information or feedback?

Should you wish to obtain more information about the MFSA or our hiring process you may send an email on [email protected].