Stakeholder Collaboration Engaging and establishing networks to promote innovation, knowledge sharing,
and supervisory best practices towards the future regulatory landscape.

International Network

The MFSA is a member of various forums which discuss financial innovation and how this is affecting the financial services of tomorrow.

Global Financial Innovation Network (‘GFIN’)

As a knowledge and policy sharing network launched in 2019 consisting of not less than 70 National Competent Authorities, GFIN’s purpose is to help innovative financial services providers to interact with regulators to scale and test new ideas, and as means of cooperation between financial services regulators in relation to innovation-related topics.

Explore GFIN here.

European Forum for Innovation Facilitators (‘EFIF’)

Established in 2019 following a Joint ESA Report on Regulatory Sandboxes and Innovation Hubs, EFIF as a platform for supervisors enables knowledge and expertise sharing from innovation facilitators at a national level, including reaching consensus on regulatory matters with respect to innovative products, services and business models.

Explore EFIF here.

Digital Finance Platform (‘DFP’)

The DFP is an EU-wide network of authorities with the objective to drive financial innovation while moving to a single market in digitial finance.

Explore DFP here.

EU Supervisory Digital Finance Academy (‘EU-SDFA’)

As a European Commission flagship project, the EU-SDFA is part of the EU Digital Finance Strategy which provides a platform for training on FinTech related-topics and develop better supervisory practices.

Explore the EU-SDFA here.

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