MFSA’s Supervisory and Enforcement Effectiveness Dashboard

The Supervisory and Enforcement dashboard published by the MFSA highlights the key performance indicators with respect to regulatory oversight and enforcement effectiveness, focusing on the MFSA’s key supervisory priorities. The MFSA’s transformational journey is geared towards raising compliance and supervisory standards across the board enabled by a more data-driven and risk-based supervisory framework as part of a wider Technology Strategy.

Complementing these figures are a list of measures which the MFSA is taking to strengthen supervisory effectiveness and improve risk mitigation. These will enable the MFSA to prepare for the next generation of financial services and fulfil its mandate of safeguarding the integrity of financial markets whilst maintaining stability within the sector and protecting consumers. Through this dashboard, the MFSA is outlining its key priorities for the next three years with a commitment to deliver a more agile, dynamic and safe environment for the benefit of both consumers and regulated firms. The dashboard is a summary of a much wider supervisory engagement programme which dovetails into a number of projects and reform initiatives all targeted towards enhanced efficacy.

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Updated as at December 2023

Updated as at November 2023

Updated as at October 2023

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