The Malta Financial Services Authority issues notices and circulars on a regular basis and publishes a number of reports throughout the year.

Public Consultations & Feedback Statements

The MFSA regularly consults with the financial services industry and the general public prior to introducing legislative and regulatory changes. It also provides its reactions to the feedback provided.

Corporate Publications

Our corporate publications help tell our story. We provide these documents as reference for our stakeholders – our objectives, strategic direction and annual reports can be found in the section below.


The purpose of circulars is to provide guidance that is expected to be undertaken by Licence Holders and applicants.

A list of major supervisory decisions taken by the MFSA for the attention of the general public.

Prevention of Financial Markets Abuse – PDMR Notifications

Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities (‘PDMR’) are requested to inform the MFSA of certain transactions conducted on their own account promptly and no later than 3 business days after the date of the transaction.

Net Short Positions

Notification forms are to be submitted via email on [email protected]


The MFSA is inviting interested Economic Operators to participate in the Authority’s procurement by visiting and using the following key words in the Electronic Public Procurement System (ePPS) search function.

Type Key Words
CfQ *CfQ-
Concessions *MFSA/CO
SPD Tenders *SPD7/
DOC Tenders *Malta Financial Services Authority* or MFSA

It is highly recommended that registered Economic Operators subscribe to the automatic notifications to be notified of any call originating from the Authority or the Sectoral Procurement Directorate, in order not to miss future procurement opportunities.

EU Funded Projects

Includes a brief overview of projects which were implemented and co-financed through the EU Funding.