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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is established by and reports to the Board of Governors. Acting independently, the Committee assists the Board of Governors in its oversight responsibilities for the internal governance, internal controls, financial statements, risk management and internal audit function of the Authority.

Resolution Committee

The Resolution Committee is appointed by the Resolution Authority, whose composition, powers and functions are governed by provisions set out in the First Schedule to the MFSA Act and the Recovery and Resolution Regulations (RRR).

Enforcement Decisions Committee

The Enforcement Decisions Committee is a new committee which is being established in order to provide a clear line of demarcation between authorisation, supervision and enforcement within the financial services industry.

AML/CFT Co-ordination Committee

The AML/CFT Committee shall act as a forum for alignment and coordination relating to anti-money laundering investigations and processes; and advise the Executive Committee on process improvements relating to AML/CFT procedures.

Risk Committee

The main function of the newly launched Risk Committee will be to assist the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors in relation to the establishment and calibration of the Authority’s risk appetite and risk management.

Regulatory Committee

The Reg Co co-ordinates regulatory, authorisation and supervisory matters, composed of the Chief Officer responsible for Supervision as its Chair, the Head of Authorisations and Heads of Supervisory Units.

Change Management Committee

The CMC evaluates proposed changes that are substantiated by a business case which will facilitate decision making and also tackles business transformation related issues, ensuring that any change presented is in line with the MFSA corporate vision.