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View Upcoming Training on regulatory matters and supervisory mechanisms with a view to strengthen knowledge, and to promote consistent supervisory skills and techniques for financial supervisors approaches across jurisdictions. Ensuring continuous learning and debate

About the Financial Supervisors Academy

As one of the initiatives that was proposed in the MFSA Vision 2021 and the MFSA Strategic Plan 2019-2021, the setting up of the Financial Supervisors Academy (FSA) supports the MFSA’s efforts to invest in staff and human resources, ensuring that the MFSA has the necessary expertise and technical competencies to carry out its functions effectively in today’s dynamic financial environment.

The FSA reinforces the MFSA’s excellence value by supporting the Authority’s members of staff to have the right competencies, combine quality with efficiency, demonstrate professionalism and contribute to the setting of high standards. Through the Academy, the MFSA is training young and upcoming financial supervisors, whilst giving experienced supervisors the opportunity to share their knowledge, grow and develop further.

The MFSA supports knowledge sharing and believes that interaction amongst peers supports supervisory convergence. In this light, the Academy extends most of its training programmes to other regulators, supervisors, policy makers and academics outside of the MFSA.

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Knowledge Sharing

FSA is a platform through which supervisors share expertise with their peers and the leaders of tomorrow

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The Academy has built its training programme around the needs of financial supervisors

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