Licence Holder Portal Corporate Profile User Guide

As part of its ongoing drive to improve efficiency, the MFSA has over the past months carried out significant enhancements to the Licence Holder (LH) Portal, more specifically with respect to the Corporate Profile area.

The Corporate Profile section is enabling licensed entities the necessary rights to edit, review and update their profile as necessary. It remains the responsibility of the licensed entity to ensure that all the data available on the Licence Holder Corporate Profile is up to date and properly maintained.

Refer to the self-explanatory video below on how to access your Corporate Profile page and keep the necessary information up-to-date.

What is the Licence Holder (LH) Portal?

The LH Portal is a web-based application which enables persons seeking authorisation by the MFSA to submit applications and other documents, while authorised persons can access their own information as well as upload other documentation such as PQ and regulatory returns. The LH Portal can be accessed through the following link.

What is the Corporate Profile?

The Licence-Holder Corporate Profile is a dedicated section on the LH Portal, which includes details on the licensed entity itself and on the supporting ‘involvements’. The application provides licence-holders with the possibility to review and update their profile by submitting change requests for the MFSA to approve.

Who can access the Corporate Profile (Access Rights)?

Access to the LH Portal Corporate Profile is provided to designated person/s within licensed entities. The designated person/s is/are responsible for the Corporate Profile and are responsible for submitting change requests.

For licensed entities with an MFSA-approved compliance officer, the latter will be assigned the designated person role. For licensed entities without an MFSA-approved compliance officer, the MFSA shall assess and assign a designated person/s considered appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

The licensed entity will have the facility to be assigned more than one (1) account for the LH Corporate Profile, if deemed necessary. However, this is subject to the approval of the MFSA as communicated to the designated person. Additional accounts will only be considered for individuals within an MFSA-approved position/role.

It is imperative to note that the sharing of passwords/accounts is strictly not allowed.