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The Curriculum

The FSA curriculum is primarily devised to address any skills and knowledge gaps of the MFSA workforce and is constantly being developed according to the business and supervisory priorities of the MFSA. When devising its yearly training programme, the FSA strategically considers international developments in the financial services space that may necessitate the upskilling or retraining of financial supervisors.

The training programme at the FSA focuses on the following areas:

  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Supervisory techniques
  • Policy development
  • Programme management
  • Leadership & management
  • Effective communication

Who should attend FSA’s training events

The training programme of the FSA is specifically tailored for officials from National Supervisory and Regulatory Authorities, Central Banks, European Supervisory Authorities, EU Institutions and bodies, and Academics. Priority for FSA training courses will be given to MFSA members of staff. Depending on the nature of the training, specific events may also be extended to industry participants.

Interested parties wishing to attend a particular training event should check their eligibility by referring to the ‘Who Should Attend’ section on the specific course programme.

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