Corporate Publications

Supervisory Priorities

The MFSA’s Supervisory Priorities indicate the key areas of activity which the Authority will be focusing on during the year.

MFSA Strategy Documents

A list of Strategy Documents issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

The Nature & Art of Financial Supervision

A series of sector-specific publications from the Authority’s Supervision Directorate, describing how the MFSA regulates and supervises various sectors within the financial services industry.

Dear CEO Letters 

In this section we are publishing letters which the Authority sends directly to the Management of its Regulated Entities (Board of Directors and CEOs). These letters would typically follow certain type of supervisory interactions such as thematic reviews and mystery shopping exercises and serve to highlight the common findings resulting from such supervisory interactions as well as the Authority’s expectations in this regard. These letters also serve to draw the attention of Regulated Persons to certain upcoming changes to their regulatory obligations emanating from, inter alia, EU Directives and Regulations and which they are required to implement once these come into force.

MFSA Newsletter – NewsHub 

A list of the Newsletters issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Consumer Reports

In this section you will find several consumer studies aimed at identifying and addressing information gaps about financial services within various groups of the community, to enable them to make informed decisions and enhance their trust.

Public Accounts

A list of Financial Statements published by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Annual Reports

A copy of Annual Reports issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority.


Guidance related to the provision of an MFSA licence in various sectors regulated by the Authority.


Data reports and analysis regarding licence’s statistics, Banking, Insurance and Securities.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Guidelines for Directors of Investment Companies, Collective Investment Schemes, Public Interest Companies and Code of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Entities.

Financial Stability Research and Publications

Reports and research papers which delve into various thematic that relate to financial stability.

Information Leaflets

A number of information leaflets covering various subjects relating to financial services sector.

Compensation Schemes – Reports & Financial Statements

Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements of the Depositor Compensation Scheme, Investor Compensation Scheme & Protection and Compensation Fund.

MFSA Training Policy

In carrying its competency assessments, the Authority takes into account both qualifications and work experience of the proposed individual. This is the list of approved qualifications, however such list is not exhaustive and other relevant training would also be considered.

Malta Financial Services Oversight Newsletter – Archive

These series of newsletters about the major efforts that are being made by the Maltese Government to strengthen the fight against Financial Crime. The aim of these newsletters are to inform all stakeholders about the progress that is being registered in strengthening the Maltese jurisdiction’s financial regulations and in meeting international obligations in the fight against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.