Supervisory Reporting

Credit institutions are required to report to the MFSA prudential information under the Common Reporting (COREP) framework and the Financial Reporting (FINREP) framework established under Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013 on prudential requirements for credit institutions and investment firms and the Implementing Technical Standard No 680/2014 on Supervisory Reporting, in accordance with Circulars on COREP and FINREP issued by the Authority from time to time and subject to terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Authority.

Reporting Modules

Credit institutions are required to submit COREP and FINREP data on both a solo and consolidated basis, where applicable.

Unless stated otherwise in the respective instructions, all FINREP and COREP data should be submitted in actual figures including two decimal places (e.g. €2,560,561.43).

Data which is required as rates, percentages or ratios must be reported using the decimal notation to four decimal places (e.g. 9.31% should be reported as 0.0931).

The templates provided below are to be used for submission of data to the Authority. Links to the EBA website are provided for information and reference purposes only.

1. COREP – Own Funds and Own Funds Requirements including IPL (module code: OF) – Updated on 14/11/2018

2. COREP – Leverage (module code: LR) Updated on 14/11/2018

3. COREP – Large Exposures and Concentration Risk (module code: LE) Updated on 14/11/2018

4. COREP – Liquidity, LCR DA (module code: LCRDA) Updated on 14/11/2018

5. COREP – Liquidity, NSFR (module code: NSFR) Updated on 14/11/2018

6. COREP – Liquidity, ALMM (module code: AMM) Updated on 14/11/2018

7. FINREP – FINREP including NPL and Forbearance (module code: FINREP) Updated on 14/11/2018

8. FINREP – Asset Encumbrance (module code: AE) Updated on 14/11/2018

9. Funding Plans (module code: FP) Updated on 14/11/2018

Submission Of Reporting Templates

1. Remittance Timetable

Submission of data by credit institutions to the Authority shall be in line with the reporting dates available in the Remittance Timetable.

2. Remittance Timetable

Submission of Supervisory Reporting Modules should be made through the below link:

Kindly refrain from using e-mail for the submission of such templates.

3. File Naming Convention

The following file naming convention should be used for the submission of Supervisory Reporting Modules:



  • BankDesignatedCode: 3-letter code assigned to the institution

  • MmmYYYY: reference date of the module e.g. Dec2018

  • ScopeOfConsolidation: CON for Consolidated or IND for Individual, as applicable

  • ReportingFramework_ModuleCode: COREP for prudential reporting or FINREP for financial reporting, followed by the module code. The below options apply:

    • COREP_OF
    • COREP_LR
    • COREP_LE
    • FINREP
    • FP


Institutions are highly encouraged to refer to the below dedicated EBA Q&A webpage for queries regarding interpretation of reporting requirements within the modules and interpretation of the respective instruction annexes.

This webpage provides replies to a number of queries already raised by various stakeholders, to which the EBA has issued its guidance and clarifications. Interested parties also have the opportunity to lodge their own queries on areas which have not yet been raised or discussed by other stakeholders.