Conduct supervision of the banking sector regulates, oversees and sanctions the conduct of supervised institutions offering retail banking products and services, based on the existing legal requirements in Malta and also the impositions arising from the European Union’s Directives and Regulations and respective requirements. It aims to ensure:

  • compliance with integrity, suitability and competence criteria by the institutions supervised and their staff;
  • verification of the rules applying to the offering of banking products and services;
  • disclosure of clear, comprehensive and up-to-date information about the banking products and services offered, before and while the contracts are in force.

This supervision is carried out both through on-site and off-site inspections, which results and respective required action to be taken by credit institutions are after communicated to the latter. In those cases where thematic reviews take place, besides the communication to credit institutions in a one to one basis, the Authority also establishes best practices, through Circulars addressed to the respective institutions, and which the latter must follow in their interaction with their customers.


In this section you will find the Conduct Rules applicable to credit and financial institutions by the MFSA. These Rules supplement the requirements contained in the Main Legislation and in the Subsidiary Legislation which applies to credit and financial institutions.

Circulars and Notes for Information

Includes a list of all circulars and notes for information issued throughout the past months and years in relation to ‘Banking Supervision’.

Consultation Documents and Feedback Statements

Includes a list of all consultations documents issued throughout the past months and years in relation to ‘Banking Supervision’.