The MFSA is the competent authority in Malta responsible for granting authorisation to persons seeking to carry out financial services activities. Authorisation is an important part of the overall supervisory framework.

The authorisation process of entities seeking to enter the financial services industry is a key function of the Malta Financial Services Authority in its gatekeeper role.

The objective of the assessment of an application for authorisation is to ensure that criteria detailed under the respective financial services legislation are satisfied at authorisation stage and continue to be fulfilled on an ongoing basis.

The MFSA is committed to provide a clear and objective authorisation process while ensuring a thorough assessment of the applicable regulatory standards. The Authority is sensitive to the importance of efficient turnarounds and seeks to process each application as expeditiously as possible. In doing so, it retains rigorous assessment standards throughout in its role to provide an effective gatekeeper function. The Authority applies a thorough and high quality analysis of applicant submissions and engages extensively with relevant stakeholders. The aim is to ensure that the process is facilitative and transparent for the applicants in relation to the requirements, processes and timelines.

Who Needs an Authorisation?

An application to the MFSA must be made for authorisation to carry out any financial services activities.

Our Authorisation Process

The MFSA is committed to providing a clear, open and transparent authorisation process while ensuring a rigorous assessment of the applicable regulatory standards.

The Personal Questionnaire

The MFSA only approves proposed Applicants when it is satisfied that they are suitable to hold the proposed role(s).


Last Updated: 19 February 2021