Capital Markets

The MFSA’s activities include the reviewing of applications for admissibility to listing on Regulated Markets and Initial Public Offerings, processing notices received by the MFSA as submitted in terms of the Securitisation Act, supervision of listed companies, securities exchanges and trading venues and undertaking general market oversight to ensure market integrity.

In this context, the objectives of the MFSA include the following:

Market Integrity and Investor Protection

An integrated and efficient financial market requires market integrity. The MFSA aims at encouraging financial markets that are fair and transparent, where entities can prosper and which investors can trust. Enhancing investor protection and confidence in financial markets is fundamental for the MFSA as financial regulator. In this respect, the Authority works towards preventing and detecting unlawful behaviour in the financial markets, namely insider dealing, unlawful disclosure of inside information and market manipulation.

Resilient Infrastructures and Greater Transparency

Financial markets need to be supported by resilient infrastructures, with appropriate access and transparency to meet the requirements of entities and consumers.

The MFSA aims to ensure, that information is made available to investors through a regular flow of disclosure of periodic and on-going regulated information and the dissemination of such information to the public; as well as transparency of transactions in financial instruments (including amongst others, equity, debt instruments, derivative transactions and securities financing transactions), aimed at strengthening the transparency and improving the functioning of financial markets.