Recognised Persons

Recognised Persons are regulated in terms of the Investment Services Act (Cap 370) and include:

  • Recognised Fund Administrators
  • Recognised Incorporated Cell Companies
  • Recognised Private Collective Investment Schemes

The MFSA seeks to protect the interests of financial services consumers, ensures that financial markets are fair, efficient and transparent and strives to safeguard financial stability. This is inter alia achieved through:

  1. offsite supervision which involves the monitoring, analysis and desk reviews of periodic regulatory returns, financial statements and other documentation made available to the Authority;
  2. onsite supervision which involves the analysis and evaluation of processes, procedures and internal controls within the business address of the licensed entity.
  3. event supervision through the review of the operational activities of licensed entities, their risk models and interaction with customers.

From a prudential supervision perspective, the focus is on system controls, governance arrangements, risk management and risk mitigation measures adopted by licensed entities.

Introduction To The Investment Services Rules For Recognised Persons


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