Supervisory and Enforcement Effectiveness Dashboard
MAY 29, 2020

Earlier this week, the MFSA published an update of its Supervisory and Enforcement Effectiveness Dashboard, an online disclosure tool  intended to  communicate and present quantitative data to a broad audience. The Dashboard, that is updated monthly, highlights the key performance indicators with respect to regulatory oversight and enforcement effectiveness, with a focus on the financial regulator’s key supervisory priorities.

The main aim of the Dashboard is to enhance regulatory efficiency and transparency by making the regulator’s disclosure, with regard to Supervision and Enforcement, more accessible and comparable. The Dashboard is a central repository of data, presenting mainly five key metrics: capacity building and resourcing, training and educational activities within the Authority, enforcement actions, onsite examinations and geographical structure of Maltese bank deposits.

The Dashboard also includes projected targets for 2020, which are in line with the MFSA’s strategic objectives as well as the commitments made with international institutions in addressing key recommendations. Complementing the figures is a list of measures which the MFSA is taking to strengthen supervisory effectiveness and improve risk mitigation.

The Dashboard, which may be accessed from here, includes actual data up to the end of April. It is updated monthly.