Message from the Chairman
NOVEMBER 12, 2020

Prof. John Mamo, Chairman, MFSA

Good governance and correctness are, and will remain, the two pivotal values that define us and our work. As a regulator we expect high standards of corporate behaviour, governance and conduct from all firms and individuals operating in the financial services industry and we hold ourselves to the same account. The course of action pursued by the Board of Governors that I lead, as laid out in the Public Statement issued last week, attests to this.

Malta has a robust financial services sector, and the MFSA will continue to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and safeguard the integrity and stability of the local financial market. We remain focused and on track to implement the Authority’s vision and strategy for the greater good of the financial services sector, to ensure proper consumer protection and a safer and sounder financial system. Our commitment remains to be an attractive and innovative location for businesses, but one that is prudent and transparent, working closely with the community to this end.

The Board of Governors is entrusted with establishing the risk appetite, policies and strategy to be pursued by the Authority and we have set a course to ensure we are also meeting our international obligations and above all, that our reputation is safeguarded. The MFSA implemented a Strategic Plan in 2019, on which we have made great strides through greater investment and engagement, and we are seeing the results of our work. In the coming weeks, the Authority will continue implementing this strategy through various measures such as the launch of its Supervisory Priorities for 2021, the Capital Markets Strategy, which will enhance market integrity and protect the interests of investors, and the Authorisations Charter, which ties the Authority to specific deadlines when it comes to Authorisations.

Together we shall continue to do our duty and fulfil our mission, “to safeguard the integrity of markets and maintain stability within the financial sector for the benefit and protection of consumers.”