We invite interested Economic Operators to participate in open tenders by visiting https://www.etenders.gov.mt/ and search for the tender/RFQ using its Reference number.

Tender ReferenceDescriptionPublication DateClosing DateAttachmentsStatus
MFSA/08/19Tender for the Provision of Building Maintenance Services for the Malta Financial Services Authority09/10/201931/10/2019MFSA-08-19.pdfOpen
MFSA/07/19Tender for the Provision of Environmentally Friendly Hygiene Products, Consumables and Sanitary Paper Products30/09/201921/10/2019MFSA-07-19.pdfOpen
MFSA/05/19Tender for the Supply of Environmentally Friendly Printing Paper, Printed Material and Stationery Supplies26/09/201925/10/2019MFSA-05-19.pdfOpen
MFSA/04/19Supply of Energy Efficient Computer Monitors for the Malta Financial Services Authority12/09/201911/10/2019MFSA-04-19.pdfEvaluation
MFSA/03/19Tender for the Provision of services of 2 senior Software Developers at the Malta Financial Services Authority12/09/201911/10/2019MFSA-03-19.pdfEvaluation
MFSA/02/19Tender for the provision of Engineering Services for the Malta Financial Services Authority.06/05/201917/06/2019MFSA-02-19.pdfAwarded
CT2344/2019Tender for the supply of energy efficient, lightweight, slim business laptops.01/02/201905/03/2019CT2344-2019.pdfAwarded