Sectoral Systemic Risk Buffer on RRE Domestic Mortgages in Malta
JANUARY 19, 2023

The Central Bank of Malta in collaboration with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) under the auspices of the Joint Financial Stability Board (JFSB) decided to set a Sectoral Systemic Risk Buffer (sSyRB) of 1.5% which is to be applied on the amount of risk-weighted assets held against domestic mortgages exposures to natural persons and secured by residential real estate (RRE). Exposures also include buy-to-let loans (for residential purposes) secured by RRE, granted to natural persons. The sSyRB addresses potential risks emanating from the increasing concentration of the Maltese banking sector's exposures to mortgage loans.

Phase-in details of the 1.5% sSyRB:

% Rate of the sSyRB Implementation as at:


End-September 2023


End-March 2024

Statement of Decision 2023 - Download PDF.