All Hands on Deck – Work Experience at the MFSA
SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

The MFSA offers an enriching work-experience programme to students who are completing their studies at tertiary level. NewsHub spoke to a number of interns and asked them to share their internship experience. Read on about how the MFSA experience is helping them reach their career goals and how it is influencing their personal and professional development.

Matthea Borg – Communications
Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing - Second year.

“My experience as an intern at the MFSA has provided me with new insights into the financial world. Being able to have a role within larger projects has not only helped me gain new skills, but it has also allowed me to learn from the experience of other members in the Communications team. ”

Neil Formosa - Insurance & Pensions Supervision
Master's in Accountancy - Second year.

“My internship experience at the MFSA was a positive and fruitful one wherein I developed new skills that will serve me well in the future. This internship also helped me in broadening my knowledge of the Insurance sector and helped me apply in practice what I learnt at University. I am grateful to be under the tutelage of very experienced and down-to-earth employees who guided me throughout the whole of my internship process and were always there to give me a helping hand. This experience has prepared me well for when I enter the workforce on a full-time basis in a year’s time.”

Matthew Fabri – Office of the Chief Officer Supervision
Bachelor of Commerce in Economics & Banking - Third year.

“I have always been passionate about finance, and my internship at the MFSA has been a great introduction into the field. My colleagues were super helpful and understanding to both my work needs and private life commitments. Mostly, I feel thankful that I was always given a great opportunity to learn and develop my skills.”

Owen Fenech – Communications
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering - Fourth year.

“I have been working within the MFSA Communications team for the past two years. Since the Communications team engages with most of the functions at the MFSA, the experience has been very educational and informative. Through this work experience, with the help of my colleagues within the team, I have gained new skills.”