Thursday, 23rd September 2021


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Stress testing is an important tool that should be part of banks' risk management framework. One of the main goals of banks’ stress tests is to measure their resilience based on macroeconomic and hypothetical scenarios that are severe but plausible and forward-looking. At the same time, stress tests can identify risks and vulnerabilities associated with the bank's business model and thus, inform business decisions too. This webinar is aimed at providing insights into the expectations of the MFSA on stress testing related topics. These range from scenarios used and their implementation, to how stress tests outputs should interact with the risk management framework and recovery plan.

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Who Should Attend

This webinar welcomes attendees acting as Chief Risk/Finance Officer of Credit Institutions, Members of Malta Banking Association and Managers of consulting firms providing technical support to credit institutions.


1000hrs Introductory Remarks

David Eacott - Head, Banking Supervision, MFSA

1010hrs A Brief Overview of the EU Stress Test Regulatory Background
Ilias Georgakopoulos - Analyst, Banking Supervision, MFSA
1015hrs Supervisory Expectations for an ICAAP Stress Test
Ilias Georgakopoulos - Analyst, Banking Supervision, MFSA
1035hrs Coffee Break
1040hrs Demonstrating the Use Test
Ilias Georgakopoulos - Analyst, Banking Supervision, MFSA
1050hrs Management Buffers in Stress Testing
Ilias Georgakopoulos - Analyst, Banking Supervision, MFSA
1100hrs Coffee Break
1125hrs Questions and Answers 


Head, Banking Supervision, MFSA

David Eacott

David Eacott is Head of Banking Supervision, responsible for the oversight of credit and financial institutions operating in and from Malta. David joined the MFSA in February 2020 after 22 years at the Bank of England including the UK’s Financial Services Authority. David was most recently responsible for the successful implementation of the UK’s ring fencing regime. During that time, he also helped the Resolution function with its implementation of the UK’s Resolvability Assessment Framework and led the Bank of England’s effort to improve the quality of internal audit functions within financial firms. During his supervisory career, David ran a number of teams responsible for oversight of large and medium sized banks, building societies and asset management firms. He was also a UK policy expert on the CRD and worked at the UK’s Permanent Representation in Brussels during the last UK EU Presidency negotiating its final legislative stages. David studied Modern European Studies at Loughborough University prior to joining the Bank of England.

Analyst, Banking Supervision, MFSA

Ilias Georgakopoulos

Ilias Georgakopoulos joined the MFSA in 2019 and forms part of the stress testing team of the Banking Supervision function. In this risk area, he also participates in working groups at the ECB and EBA. Ilias holds two Master Degrees in applied Economics.

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This event has already passed and registrations are closed.