‘Reshaping Malta’s Boards’ - MFSA participates at Institute of Directors (IoD) Malta Conference
MAY 17, 2019

MFSA’s General Counsel Dr Edwina Licari shares MFSA’s vision on Corporate Governance during a conference themed ‘Reshaping Malta’s Boards’ organised by the Institute of Directors (IoD) Malta.

During the panel discussion themed ‘ world trends in corporate governance and a new corporate governance code for Malta’, moderated by Dr Roger Baker (IoD UK Head of Corporate Governance UK), Dr Licari emphasised how ‘corporate governance has not only become part of modern economic and business practice but also an essential pre-requisite for the integrity and credibility of the jurisdiction.’ She emphasized the need to raise standards around governance issues in the financial services sector, within more defined and stricter parameters, as part of the MFSA’s reformist agenda.

The conference was attended by world class speakers and international top corporate governance experts, as well as seasoned directors and practitioners within the financial services sector.