Finansbank (Malta) Ltd
JULY 01, 2005

On the 30 June 2005, the Malta Financial Services Authority, as the
Competent Authority responsible for the regulation and supervision of
credit institutions, in terms of the Banking Act 1994, has issued a banking
licence to Finansbank (Malta) Limited. The bank is licensed to carry out
the business of banking from Malta. It is the fourth Turkish bank to
operate from Malta.

The newly licensed bank is a subsidiary of Finans International Holding
N.V. registered in the Netherlands, which in turn is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Finansbank A.S. Finansbank A.S. is incorporated in Turkey
and is in turn supervised by the Banking Regulation and Supervision
Agency (BRSA).

Finansbank A.S. was incorporated as a credit institution on 23 September
1987. It provides a range of corporate, investment and retail banking
services primarily to medium-sized and large corporate customers in
Turkey and abroad. It also provides a range of investment banking, life
and non-life insurance, factoring services and leasing. With the licence
of the subsidiary in Malta, Finansbank now operates in 11 countries:
Turkey, Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia,
Romania, Ireland, Bahrain and Malta.