Wednesday, 15th June 2022

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The business models of banks are exposing them to risks tied to capital and which could potentially make them non-compliant to existing and upcoming regulatory thresholds, while impinging upon their sustainability.

Banks' non-executive and executive management thus need to be aware of regulatory developments and and be able to quantify the impact these changes will have on their banks’ performance and resilience.

This event will bring together the macro and micro prudential aspects of recent and upcoming regulatory changes, the MFSA's expectations from banks' Boards and executive management, as well as insights from the banking industry.

Who Should Attend

This event is targeted at banks' chairpersons and CEOs as well as external audit or advisory firms.


0900hrs Opening Statement

Dr Christopher P. Buttigieg - Chief Officer Supervision, MFSA

0910hrs A Macro-Prudential Perspective 

Oliver Bonello - Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Malta

0925hrs A Changing Regulatory Environment

Anabel Armeni Cauchi - Senior Manager, MFSA

1025hrs Insights from the Banking Industry in Malta

Adrian Gostuski - CEO, FimBank plc

1040hrs Panel Discussion

Vanessa Macdonald - Head, Communications, MFSA (Moderator)

David Eacott - Head of Banking Supervision, MFSA
Vesselka Paneva - Lead Supervisor at DG-SPL/Div ISO, ECB
Oliver Bonello - Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Malta
Maruska Buttigieg Gili - Chief Risk Officer, BNF Bank plc

1115hrs Closing Remarks

David Eacott - Head of Banking Supervision, MFSA

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Chief Officer Supervision, MFSA

Christopher Buttigieg

Dr Christopher P. Buttigieg was appointed as Chief Officer Supervision in March 2020 following his appointment as Chief Officer Strategy, Policy and Innovation in 2019. During his tenure as Head of Securities and Markets Supervision before 2019, which stretched over four years, Dr Buttigieg was responsible for work in the field of policy, regulation and supervision of securities, markets and FinTech. He joined the Authority in 2000 as Manager in the Investment Services Unit and has gained professional experience in various areas of financial regulation, supervision, the investigation of market misconduct and the enforcement of sanctions. Dr Buttigieg was responsible for implementing various pieces of EU legislation in the field of securities and markets and has led different regulatory and supervisory teams within the Authority. He sits on the Authority’s Supervisory Council and represents the MFSA at various European Fora on financial regulation and supervision. He is the MFSA’s alternate member on the ESMA Board of Supervisors and is the Chair of the ESMA Data Standing Committee. Dr Buttigieg is a lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department of the University of Malta and has published various papers on financial regulation and supervision in academic and professional journals. For a period of two years, up to April 2015, Dr Buttigieg was a director on the board of the Malta Resources Authority, Malta’s energy regulator. In 2015, the President of Malta appointed Dr Buttigieg as a member on the board of the Fund for Voluntary Organisations. Dr Buttigieg is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Academy of European Law (Trier).

Head, Banking Supervision, MFSA

David Eacott

David Eacott is Head of Banking Supervision, responsible for the oversight of credit and financial institutions operating in and from Malta. David joined the MFSA in February 2020 after 22 years at the Bank of England including the UK’s Financial Services Authority. David was most recently responsible for the successful implementation of the UK’s ring fencing regime. During that time, he also helped the Resolution function with its implementation of the UK’s Resolvability Assessment Framework and led the Bank of England’s effort to improve the quality of internal audit functions within financial firms. During his supervisory career, David ran a number of teams responsible for oversight of large and medium sized banks, building societies and asset management firms. He was also a UK policy expert on the CRD and worked at the UK’s Permanent Representation in Brussels during the last UK EU Presidency negotiating its final legislative stages. David studied Modern European Studies at Loughborough University prior to joining the Bank of England.

Head, Communications, MFSA

Vanessa Macdonald

Vanessa Macdonald spent 25 years working in journalism, mostly at editorial level, specialising in finance, business and the economy. She spent several years as head of communications for a leading telecommunications company, a commercial bank and more recently the Central Bank of Malta. In all these roles, she initiated and completed several projects and worked at strategic level with the top executives to improve both internal and external communications, including social media marketing. Most of the roles also involved corporate social responsibility, where her priority was to ensure rigid protocols and governance. Over the course of her career, Vanessa spent 13 years overseas in a number of countries, including Qatar, the US and the UK, working in various sectors, ranging from international trade to medical audit. Vanessa has a diploma covering economics, marketing and the EU.

Senior Manager, Banking Supervision, MFSA

Anabel Armeni Cauchi

Anabel Armeni Cauchi is a Senior Manager in the MFSA's Banking Supervision Department. She joined the MFSA in January 2019 and is responsible for leading the team which directly supervises LSIs in Malta as well as strategic stakeholder management locally and with the European Central Bank and the European Banking Authority. She joined the MFSA after more than 11 years in the Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank of Malta, where she was involved in the macro-prudential supervision of banks, insurance companies and investment funds. She has represented the Central Bank and the MFSA in various ECB Working Groups and local regulatory forums. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Economics from the University of Malta.

Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Malta

Oliver Bonello

Mr Oliver Bonello is the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Malta responsible for Financial Stability. He represents the Central Bank on the Supervisory Board of the ECB and the European Banking Authority. He is also Chairman of the Bank’s Statistics Committee, Risk Committee, and the Domestic Standing Committee. He is a member of the Bank’s Financial Stability Committee and the Joint Financial Stability Board.

Chief Risk Officer, BNF Bank plc

Maruska Buttigieg Gili

Ms. Buttigieg Gili joined BNF Bank p.l.c at its inception, setting up the bank's compliance and internal audit functions. She also occupied the roles of Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Compliance Officer. Subsequently, she was appointed Head of the Internal Control department responsible for the Legal and Compliance Unit, the Risk Control and Oversight Unit and the Credit Analysis Unit. Prior to joining the Bank, Ms. Buttigieg Gili worked at the Central Bank of Malta for over 12 years. During this period, she occupied various positions within the bank's Human Resources and Economic Statistics departments. She represented the Central Bank of Malta in various working groups of the European Central Bank in relation to statistics. Ms Buttigieg Gili graduated in Financial Services (UMIST) and holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Malta.

CEO, FimBank plc

Adrian Gostuski

Adrian Alejandro Gostuski obtained his CPA from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and his MBA from Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas, Argentina. He started his career at PWC before joining Citibank, where he occupied various positions in Buenos Aires, New York and Singapore, being the latest in Mexico City, as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for Corporate Bank, Latin America. He joined Barclays Bank in London in 2008 as Chief Financial Officer - Operations and Technology, Global Retail Bank. Mr Gostuski joined Burgan Bank in 2011 where he occupied the position of Group Chief Financial Planning & Strategic Business Development Officer. Mr Gostuski was confirmed as CEO of FIMBank on the 7th April 2021.

Lead Supervisor, ECB

Vesselka Paneva

Vesselka Paneva is a Lead supervisor at DG-SPL/ Div ISO responsible for Malta LSI Oversight within European Central Bank (ECB) Banking Supervision. Before joining the ECB in 2018, Vesselka worked for 15 years at Off-site Supervision Directorate and Financial Stability Directorate at Bulgarian National Bank.

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This event has already passed and registrations are closed.