Friday, 7th May 2021


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The purpose of this webinar is to provide the audience with a detailed overview of the Investment Firms Regulation and Directive ("IFRD package"), which will become applicable as of 26 June 2021, and to share the MFSA's approach and expectations in this regard. The IFRD package introduced the new concept of K-Factors, which are intended to better capture risks that Investment Firms are associated with when compared to the framework surrounding the Capital Requirements Regulation and Directive (currently applicable to all investment firms and that will remain valid for some) which was best suited to address the specific risks inherent to the activities of large banking groups.

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0900hrs Welcome Address

Doreen Balzan - Head

0905hrs Introduction - An Overview of the Salient Changes

Ian Meli - Deputy Head

0925hrs Legislative Changes 

Chardian Camilleri - Analyst

0945hrs IFRD applicability and Investment Firms' Classification 

Jesmar Ciappara - Senior Manager

1000hrs Coffee Break
1015hrs Capital Requirements 

Gian Marco Maggio - Senior Analyst

1045hrs Reporting and Disclosure Requirements 

Daniel Cassar, Technical Expert

1100hrs Q&A Session

Gian Marco Maggio - Senior Analyst

Chardian Camilleri - Analyst

1115hrs Closing Remarks

Doreen Balzan - Head


Head, Securities & Markets

Doreen Balzan

Doreen Balzan was appointed Head of Securities & Markets Supervision in May 2020. She is responsible for overseeing investment services licence holders, trading venues, central securities depositaries, recognised private collective investment schemes, regulation and oversight of activities in capital markets. This includes the processing of applications for admissibility to listing on regulated markets and the prevention of financial market abuse. With a career spanning over 38 years, Doreen worked in multiple Operations and Transformation roles within the domain of Banking and Insurance. She has held various senior positions within HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. and occupied the role of Chief Operating Officer for HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd prior to joining the MFSA. Doreen is specialised in Operations Management, Technology Projects, Portfolio Transfers, Sustainability, Regulatory and Risk Management. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth & Community Studies from the University of Malta.

Deputy Head, Securities & Markets

Ian Meli

Ian Meli is a Deputy Head within the Securities and Markets Supervision Function. Ian started his career working in fund administration and has been working at the MFSA for ten years. Ian has been working in the area of supervision of collective investment schemes, fund managers and related service providers during his tenure at the MFSA and his main responsibility at the MFSA is the prudential supervision of Licence Holders in the investment services sector. Ian has also contributed to policy work and was also involved in high profile investigations leading to the issuance of regulatory sanctions.

Senior Manager, Securities & Markets

Jesmar Ciappara

Jesmar is a relatively new addition to the MFSA, having worked for over 10 years in the private sector prior to joining. He started his career at HSBC, where he worked at HSBC Life Assurance first, and then moving on to HSBC Global Asset Management. Following that, Jesmar worked as a Portfolio Manager for a private investment management firm and also headed the investments team of a global pension scheme manager, before eventually joining the Investment Firms team at the MFSA.

Senior Analyst, Securities & Markets

Gian Marco Maggio

Gian Marco Maggio is a Senior Analyst within the Securities and Markets Supervision function. Following a brief experience as financial equities analyst for a UK-based investment fund, Gian Marco worked for three years as financial advisor with an investment bank. He joined the MFSA in 2019 where his main focus has since been prudential supervision of Investment Firms and related regulatory work.

Technical Expert, Securities & Markets

Daniel Cassar

Daniel Cassar is a Technical Expert within the Securities and Markets Supervision Function. Before joining MFSA, Daniel worked at the Ministry for Finance dealing with International Economic Relations. He then joined Medirect Bank (Malta) plc first as a Corporate Actions Officer then moved to another section as Treasury Officer. Daniel also worked at the European Commission for five months in the area of international trade. At MFSA, his main area of work is related to the supervision of investment services providers both from an on-site and off-site perspective.

Analyst, Securities & Markets

Chardian Camilleri

Chardian Camilleri, Analyst within the Securities and Markets Supervision Function, graduated with an LLD in 2018. He joined the MFSA in May 2018 as an intern, and in August of the same year as a permanent member of staff, taking home the Rookie of the Year Award. He's been working on policy and regulatory matters within the SMS since then, with special focus on MiFID, CRR/D, and the IFR/D.

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This event has already passed and registrations are closed.