11th October, 2022 09:00 Webinar Financial Crime Compliance: A Global Outlook Webinar

About this Training

The Financial Crime Compliance: A Global Outlook Webinar will include a mix of panel discussions and presentations covering a wide array of topics, including inter-authority cooperation on financial crime matters, financial crime risks in prudential supervision, corporate governance and internal audit, enforcement, and the role of prosecutorial authorities in the fight against financial crime. Speakers will include representatives from relevant local and foreign authorities.

  • Date: Tuesday, 11 October, 2022
  • Time:  09:00 AM – 15:00 PM
  • Venue: WebEx teleconference: The invite will be shared 24 hours prior to the date
  • Deadline for registration: 9:00 AM, 10 October 2022
  • Target Audience: Regulatory Authorities, Central Banks, EU Institutions, Academics, Students, Private Sector Representatives, Industry Practitioners

About the Lecturers

Dr Christopher P. Buttigieg

Chief Officer Supervision, MFSA

Dr Christopher P. Buttigieg Profile Picture

Dr Christopher P. Buttigieg is the Chief Officer Supervision of the Malta Financial Services Authority. In his role as Chief Officer Supervision, he is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the supervisory and regulatory strategy across all the sectors under the MFSA’s remit.
Prior to his appointment as Chief Officer Supervision, he held the position of Chief Officer Strategy, Policy and Innovation, and prior to that he was the Head of the Securities and Markets Supervision function. Dr Buttigieg joined the Authority in 2000 and has gained professional experience in different areas of financial regulation, supervision, and enforcement of market malpractice. He was also responsible for implementing various pieces of EU legislation and has led various regulatory and supervisory teams within the Authority. Dr Buttigieg sits on the Authority’s Executive Committee and is a member of the Board of Supervisors of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the European Banking Authority. He is also the Chair of the ESMA Data Standing Committee. He has a commerce degree (B.Com 1998), an accountancy degree (B.Accty. Hons. 2000) and a financial services law degree (M.A. Fin. Ser. 2003) from the University of Malta, as well as a European Union Law degree (M.A. EU Law and Soc 2005). He also obtained a doctoral degree in law (Ph.D 2014) from the University of Sussex (UK). Doctoral thesis deals with the governance of EU securities regulation and supervision. Dr Buttigieg is a senior lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department of the University of Malta and has published various papers in reputable journals, including the European Law Review, the European Company and Financial Law Review, the Columbia Journal of European Law, the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, the Journal of Business Law, and the Law and Financial Markets Review. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Academy of European Law in Trier and a visiting lecturer at the same institution.

Dr. Helga Buttigieg Debono

Executive Head, National Coordinating Committee on Combating Money Laundering & Funding of Terrorism

Dr. Helga Buttigieg Debono Profile Picture

Dr. Helga Buttigieg Debono was appointed as the Executive Head of the National Coordinating Committee for Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Secretariat in June 2018.  She currently leads a team of professionals including strategic and implementation analysts involved in assessing the risks attributed to Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.  The Secretariat she leads is responsible for the coordination of the various competent authorities currently involved in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.  This Secretariat also aims to facilitate not only the cooperation but also the sharing of intelligence between the participating stakeholders so that the local system may effectively address the deduction and prevention of all money-laundering related crimes in order to ensure the stability and integrity of Malta’s economy.  This Secretariat is the administrative arm of the National Coordinating Committee for Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. Dr. Buttigieg Debono holds a B.A. (Hon) degree in Contemporary Mediterranean Studies where she read subjects including Anthropology, Geography, History and International Relations.  She also holds a Doctorate of Laws degree and was granted a warrant to practice in the Maltese Courts as a lawyer in 2012. Prior to being appointed in her current role, Dr Buttigieg Debono served as a Police Inspector within the Maltese Police Force where, as high-ranking official she acquired experience in the field after serving within the Economic Crimes Unit and Money Laundering Sections. This position helped her develop investigative skills, management experience, and prosecution abilities. After resigning from the Police Force in 2006, she acquired her Doctorate in Law and was granted her warrant to practice as a private lawyer.  She has served in the Criminal and Civil Courts and is versed in court procedures and litigation.  Before engaging in her current role, Dr Buttigieg Debono was also previously employed as a lawyer specialised in the vetting of contracts with a leading Maltese bank and has also served as member of the board of two government authorities.

Matthew Scicluna

Head, Financial Crime Compliance, MFSA

Matthew Scicluna Profile Picture

Matthew Scicluna joined the MFSA in 2010, after a 2-year stint with a local bank, and has extensive experience in financial services regulation, risk management, supervision, focusing on AML/CFT and combatting financial crime. At the MFSA, he has held various positions within the Securities and Markets Supervision function, the Conduct Supervisory function and the Enforcement (AML/CFT section) function. Throughout his career, Matthew has been involved in a number of projects and assignments and worked on several major investigations related to ML and TF, currently representing the MFSA in various evaluations conducted by international bodies. He represented the MFSA within various Committees of the European Supervisory Authorities and is currently involved in a number of European network groups related to financial crime compliance. He also sits on the National Coordination Committee. He also attends sessions of the recently established Standing Committee on AML/CFT, which is a permanent internal committee of the EBA. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), Banking and Finance and the Master of Arts in Financial Services, from the University of Malta.He continued to specialise in financial services, completing an International Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering and an International Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention, both from the University of Manchester. He also possesses Crypto Currency Investigator accreditation from the Blockchain Intelligence Group.

David Eacott

Head, Banking Supervision, MFSA

David Eacott Profile Picture

David Eacott is Head of Banking Supervision, responsible for the oversight of credit and financial institutions operating in and from Malta.
David joined the MFSA in February 2020 after 22 years at the Bank of England including the UK’s Financial Services Authority. David was most recently responsible for the successful implementation of the UK’s ring fencing regime. During that time, he also helped the Resolution function with its implementation of the UK’s Resolvability Assessment Framework and led the Bank of England’s effort to improve the quality of internal audit functions within financial firms. During his supervisory career, David ran a number of teams responsible for oversight of large and medium sized banks, building societies and asset management firms. He was also a UK policy expert on the CRD and worked at the UK’s Permanent Representation in Brussels during the last UK EU Presidency negotiating its final legislative stages. David studied Modern European Studies at Loughborough University prior to joining the Bank of England.

Camille Pepos

Deputy Head, Fintech Supervision, MFSA

Camille Pepos Profile Picture

Camille Pepos is a Deputy Head within the Fintech Supervision function of the MFSA which is entrusted with the authorisation and supervision of VFA Service Providers, VFA Agents and Whitepapers. An Economist by academic background, Camille also possesses two Master degrees in Finance and Wealth Management from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and IAE Graduate School of Management. Before joining the MFSA, Camille held various roles in private banking, fundraising, fintech advisory and corporate services.

Andrew Said

Deputy Head, Internal Audit, MFSA

Andrew Said Profile Picture

Andrew Said was appointed Deputy Head of the MFSA’s Internal Audit Function in October 2019. Andrew joined the Authority in 2012, following a number of years working with operators in the financial services industry. He spent six years working at the Securities and Markets Supervision Function, where he was responsible for the Investment Firms team, before moving to the Internal Audit Function. Throughout his career at the MFSA, Andrew was also responsible for transposing and implementing various pieces of European financial services legislation in the field of securities. Andrew holds a B.Com (Hons.) in Banking and Finance. He has been invited as a speaker at various conferences and has also participated in international regulatory fora, including working groups of the European Securities and Markets Authority.

Gerd Sapiano

Deputy Head, Strategy, Policy and Innovation, MFSA

Gerd Sapiano Profile Picture

Gerd Sapiano is the Deputy Head within the Strategy, Policy, and Innovation function of the Malta Financial Services Authority. Throughout his time at the Authority, Gerd has been heavily involved in the drafting of various legislative instruments, supervision of investment firms, as well as the investigation of a number of firm specific issues. He is currently focusing his efforts on strategy and policy initiatives. Gerd has a law degree (LL.D.) and a Masters in financial services (M.A. Fin Ser.) from the University of Malta.  

Learning Objectives

  • The National Strategy 2021 – 2023

  • Coordination and Collaboration between local Competent Authorities

  • Embedding AML/CFT/FC Risks in Prudential Supervision

  • British Approach to Financial Supervision

  • Financial Crime Governance – MFSA Perspective

  • Financial Crime Governance – ESA’s Perspective

  • MFSA’s Role in Consumer Protection

  • Fighting Financial Crime Through Law Enforcement’s

  • The inevitable relationship between Corporate Governance and Internal Audit

Delivery Method

Delivery Method


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Regulatory Authorities, Central Banks, EU Institutions, Academics, Students, Private Sector Representatives, Industry Practitioners



6 Hours

Date & Time

Date & Time

11th October, 2022 09:00

What's Included

What's Included

Detailed Presentations by Lecturers


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