Financial Markets

Subsidiary Legislation

S.L. 345.01 – Reduction in the Rate of Income Tax chargeable on Gains or Profits of Quoted Companies (Extension) Notice

S.L. 345.04 – Regulated Markets (Authorisation Requirements) Regulations

S.L. 345.05 – Regulated Markets and Central Securities Depositories (Fees) Regulations

S.L. 345.06 – Financial Markets Act (Membership and Access) Regulations

S.L. 345.08 – Transfer of Listed Financial Instruments Regulations

S.L. 345.11 – European Rights for Regulated Markets Regulations

S.L. 345.13 – Central Securities Depository (Control of Assets) Regulations

S.L. 345.15 – Financial Markets Act (Credit Rating Agencies) Regulations

S.L. 345.17 – Financial Markets Act (OTC Derivatives, Central Counterparties and Trade Repositories) Regulations

S.L. 345.18 – Central Counterparties Access Regulations

S.L. 345.19 – Position Limits and Position Management Controls in Commodity Derivatives and Reporting Regulations

S.L. 345.20 – Financial Markets Act (SME Growth Markets) Regulations

S.L. 345.21 – Data Reporting Services Regulations

S.L. 345.22 – Financial Markets Act (MiFID and MiFIR Administrative Penalties, Measures and Investigatory Powers) Regulations

S.L. 345.23 – Algorithmic Trading Regulations

S.L. 345.24 – Multilateral Trading Facilities and Organised Trading Facilities Regulations

S.L. 345.25 -Markets in Financial Instruments Regulations

S.L. 345.26 – Financial Markets Act (CSDR Administrative Penalties, Measures and Investigatory Powers) Regulations