The MFSA publishes report “Building on Success – Future Skills Requirements in the Financial Services Sector”
OCTOBER 15, 2008

The Malta Financial Services Authority has published a report entitled “Building on Success – Future Skills Requirements in the Financial Services Sector”, based on a survey undertaken by the Authority during the first quarter of 2008.

The survey was influenced by the need to obtain a more clear and measurable picture of skills deficiencies within the financial services sector, in order to be in a position to plan future training and career initiatives. The survey covered the incidence of vacancies, skill gaps and the availability of training for employees within the sector.

The survey covered employers across the financial services sector, namely credit institutions, financial institutions, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, investment companies and trust management companies. A sample of other business which included accountancy firms, law firms, corporate service providers and treasury management companies was also taken.

The MFSA considers the skills-base within the financial services sector to be centrally important to the future of the industry. In response to the survey results, the MFSA has prepared a set of recommendations which have been designed to ensure a flow of skills within the industry. Based on these recommendations, the Education Consultation Council within the MFSA would be advising the Authority on a number of key actions to be taken to enhance training and career awareness.

The report which is available in English and Maltese, is available free of charge from the MFSA by calling 2548 5435 or e-mail [email protected] providing full name and address.

An electronic version of the guide is available from