Dodgy domains
FEBRUARY 01, 2007

The MFSA has been made aware that a number of internet domains have recently been created purporting to belong to particular financial entities in Malta.

A domain name is simply an internet address, used to help people get to a website. For example, the MFSA’s domain name is Although these web domains would contain the name of a financial institution and the contents of the site would list an array of links to financial services, they would not be owned by the actual financial entity.

The MFSA warns the public that the domain does not belong to and has no relationship whatsoever with APS Bank Limited, a bank licensed in Malta (who is the rightful owner and operator of

The Authority strongly discourages any form of communication, transaction or dealing with Users should not be fooled ― if there is suspicion that a website is not authentic, the organisation concerned should be contacted for the purposes of verifying the site’s authenticity.

In addition, the MFSA reminds consumers to be vigilant and not to rush into responding to any type of on-line communication with urgent requests for personal information.

A list of licensed entities can be viewed on the MFSA website at The public is also reminded that the MFSA’s website is constantly updated with warnings about firms which may be carrying on financial services business without authorisation from a financial regulator.

For more information, consumers may contact the Authority by phone on freephone 80074924 or by e-mail at [email protected].