Daniela Bagnaschi – Head, Data Management and Business Intelligence

Daniela Bagnaschi was appointed Head of Data Management and Business Intelligence and tasked with the setting up of this new function within the Authority in July 2019.

Daniela is an experienced change management professional, having occupied diverse senior IT and business-related positions within executive management teams in the banking and telecommunications industries. She has a strong background in IT, particularly database technologies and advanced business analytics, with over 15 years’ experience working within local and multi-cultural teams. Throughout her career, Daniela has worked with and delivered cutting-edge technologies to end users, as well as led teams to deliver commercial products to market and conduct advanced analytics and profiling.

Daniela Bagnaschi holds an undergraduate degree, B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics and Informatics from the University of Malta, as well as an MBA in General Strategic Management from Henley Business School of the University of Reading, UK. She was also selected to join a global leadership programme for a renowned multi-national company early on in her career.